Free Comic Book Day 2008: The Countdown Begins

So, we are officially only one month away from this year’s Free Comic Book Day.

What is Free Comic Book Day, you ask? Well, gee, golly, gosh, let’s think about this.

Sorry, my sarcasm is my superpower. You’ll have to forgive me.

ANYWAY, once a year, the comic companies we know and love come together to provide free comics to readers…mostly in an effort to try and get them into their ongoing or newly launched titles. This occurs on the first Saturday in May and is generally the day following the first big comic book movie release of the summer, in order to build a suitable hype.

And this year “Suitable” is the right word, since Free Comic Book Day is May 3rd this year, co-inciding with the May 2nd release of Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. Buzznet’s got a ton of stuff up about the film, including pictures and trailers, so make sure you check it out (and thank Mark and the Mighty Mendoza, since most of the hype and coverage is because of them!).

But back to the comics. Last year, one of the biggest titles for FCBD was a preview of this little title called The Umbrella Academy which is written by this freak:

This year, however, most of the big titles are heroes that people might already recognize.

There’s also a few NEW titles, including the first title from the Virgin Comics/Sci-Fi Channel Collaboration, The Stranded

And for Manga Fans, Shonen Jump is putting out a FCBD edition:

So mark your calendars, folks. Make sure you go out and grab a few of these. Even if you’re not really into comics. Because hey, it’s free. And who knows, you might find out you like it.