All Time Low Punks Up Crunk ‘Umbrella’: Buzznet Album Review


The Punk Goes… series always delivers a few solid songs — Punk Goes Crunk? Same deal.

The way I see it, each song has a couple shots to win over the listener — through the new take on a familiar song, or through the band covering it. Admittedly, I’m pretty easy to please musically, but it’s still pretty unlikely that both elements be made of win. All Time Low‘s cover of Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” is win/win, hands down.

Say Anything‘s cover of ODB’s “Got Your Money” is entertaining the first couple times (replacing all the expletives with comical inserts like “n-word!” and “bleep!” but too jokey and obnoxious to smoothly integrate into any iTunes playlist.

The Secret Handshake‘s version of Skee-Lo‘s “I Wish” is pretty decent, but I’d still take the original over the cover.

As much as I adore New Found Glory and it made me giggle to hear Jordan Pundik sing, “Although I am black and proud,” their “Tennesee” cover leaves something to be desired — or maybe that’s because they kind of own the whole punk covers category, having put out From the Screen to Your Stereo parts one and two already.

Lorene Drive‘s version of Outkast‘s “Hey Ya” is fun, but I’m just not crunk-appreciative enough to get into the rest of the album. Wasn’t really into the original versions, so can’t get into their “punk” alternates.

What’s next in the Punk Goes comp chronology, though? Punk Goes Broadway? Punk Goes Country? Hmm…