…I Would Not Mosh To This!

So, long story short, I ended up in a discussion yesterday that involved recasting “The Little Mermaid” with guys from bands. And Gerard Way was cast as Ursula, the Sea Witch.

PLEASE do not ask. Your mental health is more important than the explanation to this.

Anyway, that whole thing led to me deciding what the world REALLY needs now, more than anything, is My Chemical Romance covering “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”


Because of this.

And this:

But I digress.

This led to me getting a hold of the music from “Mosh Pit on the Mouse,” which was a Japanese Exclusive…which explains a few things about it.

Anyway, I listened to the cd and…really? I would not mosh to a single song on there.

It’s not like all the songs are BAD. Reel Big Fish did a great cover of “It’s Not Easy” from “Pete’s Dragon” and Brian Setzer did a fantastic job covering “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” even if he didn’t touch the sped up part at the end.

But all in all? These are not songs I would mosh to. Nor would I mosh to the efforts by Smashmouth (HAS ANYONE EVER MOSHED TO SMASHMOUTH?) or any of the J-rock artists featured on the cd (though “Doping Panda” may be the BEST band name EVER).

Also, can I say something else? You cannot claim “Heartbreak Hotel” is a Disney cover. It is an ELVIS SONG. Yes, it appeared in Lilo and Stitch. NO, it is not a “Disney” song. It’s cheating, Disney.

I guess what I was expecting was something a little more like the soundtrack to Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, with artists like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio, Dropkick Murphy’s and My Chemical Romance. But I was denied.

So instead, I made a poll. Because that’s what I do.