Summerdays….*Chapter 6*

Come in!” yell’s Jared from inside. Gabbie open’s the door and enters the house. The minute she walks in the living room, she sees that sunlight hasn’t hit this place for what looks like years instead of six months. “Jared, where are ya?!” Gabbie yell’s. “Here!” comes Jared’s voice from the upstairs. “Don’t come up though, I’m coming down now!” he yell’s as he walks down the stairs. He comes down and goes into the living room and says, “Hey Gabbie, what’s up?” Gabbie, who’s looking at some photos on the tv set, turns around and her face goes into shock. Even though she saw him at the café this afternoon, she didn’t really get a look at him. His face is pure white, he got skinner, (and that’s really bad cause he was really skinny to begin with), and it looks like he hasn’t had any sleep since god knows when. “Jared! Are you feeling ok?!” she asks. “Yeah, I’m fine. You?” “Um, fine thanks” Silence for a moment pass between to two, then Jared says, “You look good”“Thanks, you look ….When was the last time you got any sleep?” “Ha, shows huh?” “Yeah, it does” Jared laughs at that and then walks into the kitchen, waving his hand to Gabbie meaning to come with him. He makes coffee for the both of them, then he sits the cups down on the table and he sits in a chair. “You can sit ya know” he says to Gabbie, who’s still standing in the doorway. “Oh, ha yeah ok” she sits down and takes her cup and sips some coffee.“So what time do you want to go?” asks Jared. “When ever you want” reply’s Gabbie. “Well, lets head in about a half hour. Sound good?” “Sure” They sip their coffee in silence for a bit, then Gabbie says, “So, now going back to last night. What’s on you little mind?” Jared laughs at that. Then he gives a little sigh and says, “A lot of things” “Well just say the first thing that comes up” “Ok, I feel like shit for make Jessica break up with me and me not even thinking on how to save us” “Well there’s a good start. Um, well you two were rocky for a while” “I know, and I was the one who made it that way” “I know, with your alien shit. And why are you like this?” “Cause, I really don’t know. She’s so… well to tell you the truth I feel like I was in the way. Ya know, she wanted to go the school and all and I was holding her back” “Oh god another Shannon!” Gabbie thinks to herself. “Well, she wanted to stay with you and she knew that if she went to school she couldn’t be with you and she made up her mind and so no you were not a burden and holding her back” “I didn’t say I thought I was a burden to her” “Yes but I know you feel that way. And don’t fucking lie to me cause I know I’m right and I’m really getting tired of you doing that” “That’s not very lady like to speak like that ya know” says Jared laughing at her cursing “Haha very funny, but that’s not the point” “I know, and you right I was thinking about that” “ Look, she made up her mind to stay with you, not yours” “I know” “So it not really you. The only thing you did wrong is this alien shit” “I know” “Look, as I said from last night. She’s getting over it, slowly but surely. And I think you should start getting over it to. I’ll help you, you don’t have to be alone doing this ok?” “I know. Ok” “Now cheer up, and smile for once ok?” Jared laughs and makes up a smile that looks like it’s killing him, just for fun. “Ok, maybe not a good smile, but we can work on it” They both laugh, and Gabbie then gets done her coffee and walks around the house opening the windows. “Now there’s no need to keep these closed on such a fine day” she says as Jared walks in the living room where she is to see what’s going on. “Ahhhh! It burns us!” he yell’s meaning the sunlight. Then he run’s and hides behind the sofa. Gabbie laughs at his sillyness and says, “Well to bad, you gonna have to get used to it. Now get your stuff and lets go have lunch” “Haha ok!” reply’s Jared getting up and he grabs his house keys and the two walk out the door.

In Gabbie’s Car:

“You know, I really need to clean up the place, dusty in there, ya know?” says Jared as he and Gabbie are on their way to lunch. Gabbie smiles at him saying that. She’s been hoping that their talk made him see the light and to fix himself up, and thank goodness it might have worked. “ Yeah I know. I’ll help ya clean up if you want” “Do you mind?” “Not at all. Just tell me when you want to do it the day before so I can make sure I’m not doing anything besides work on that day ok?” “Ok! So, were are we eating?”