The Matches give me ‘Hope,’ make my day: Buzznet album review

I ADORE the Matches’ A Band in Hope. I know, I know—I’m a sucker for the happy sh–, and it may just be that I seek it out, but I really dig the ATTITUDE on this record. I like that The Matches worked with a theme (hope/the future/morning) and were able to weave it through as opposed to getting high school guidance-counselor-preachy about it. More “A-ha! I see what you did there,” on the 3rd or 4th spin.

Shawn Harris’ vocals aren’t of the nasal-y pop punk varieties that are my first love (see: New Found Glory, All Time Low) but they are distinct, quirky and dramatic enough to give personality to every single song on the album. I’m pretty much in love with how they find new ways to express those good ‘ol universal themes—“But it’s not the girl who we let tear through our core / it’s the tear there before that made this girl into more” Harris reasons on Between Halloweens. Brilliant way of saying, “I have emotional baggage,” no?

Really, all lyrics are clever without being exhaustive and overdone, my favorite phrase being “Maybe a saint is just a dead prick with a good publicist” from To Build a Mountain. Or maybe “I just hurried over worried sick you might be sick / gates are courting airplanes / clocks divorcing ticks” on From 24C. I can’t decide! Regardless, tremendous potential for lyrical passive-aggressive instant messenger away messages!

Best song to pace to at 4am: From 24CBest post-pep talk song: Point Me Toward the MorningBest song suited for placement in a Tim Burton movie: Darkness Rising

Not yet convinced that you heart The Matches? We have more ammunition— they swung by Buzznet HQ and charmed us all.

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