Where’s My Man Skin? :(

So, earlier today, to make up for sending me links to the scary fetish Birdo costume (warning: clicking that link may be more hazardous to your mental health than clicking this one) my friend Zen sent me links to new screen shots from Soul Calibur 4.

Now, I have a longtime love affair with the Soul Edge/Soul Calibur series. And for years I have abused Seung Mina and Kilik’s ranged attacks. When Seung Mina lost a lot of her flow in 2 or 3, I started using Kilik almost exclusively and while I’m not exactly a pro, I can beat you with a stick pretty rapidly.

But see, here’s my issue.

In Soul Calibur 4? Kilik WEARS A SHIRT.

No, really. Here’s Soul Calibur 2:


Soul Calibur 3:

Okay, your cool ass jacket is gone, but I can live with this.

Now, Soul Calibur 4:


All joking about Kilik’s attire aside, the screenshots look sweet. Especially the new Lizard Man design. And they’ve already confirmed Seung Mina, Maxi and Yung-seong as returning characters.

Plus, as always, there’s going to be a few special guests.