Let’s Do It

Yeah, let’s just fucking do it.

No, not THAT.

And no, not “Fall in looooove!” Though I do highly recommend the Joan Jett cover of that particular song. Look it up, it was used in the Tank Girl movie.

Let’s just fucking talk about homophobia.

♥Ryland♥ broached this topic in his livejournal. And I’ve been debating doing some kind of angry blogging recently, so there it is. My angry homophobia blog:


Or, as Mr. Iero puts it:

I really wish that could be the end all, be all of my statement. But really, I just don’t get it. Why the HELL are people afraid of who someone else may or may not be fucking? People, I don’t see it and I’m fucking AFRAID OF BALLOONS.

No, really. I have issues with balloons. Like, fucking terrified of them. They actually cause me to have panic attacks. So you know what I do?

I don’t go places there are balloons. Or, if I do, I deal with it. Or leave. Because they make me uncomfortable.

So, okay, you DON’T like the idea of two men kissing. Odds are, it probably doesn’t even get you as bad as balloons get me (fucking inflatable bastards). So here’s an idea.

Don’t watch them kiss. Or, if you’re uncomfortable with it? Leave.

I really wish I could make everyone okay with the idea that yes, same sex couples are going to exist and be affectionate. But I can’t. Because people are inherently dumb, apparently. So instead, I’ll understand that you have different levels of tolerance than I do. And so, you don’t want to tolerate it.

Guess what? That’s your problem. Not mine. Not another person’s. Certainly not that couples.

You don’t like homosexuality? You don’t want to see it?

Look somewhere else.

Because, really folks, what the fuck else are you GOING to do? You can’t change who a person is in love with, or who they’re attracted to. It’s not POSSIBLE. Deal with it. Some men are going to like men, some girls are going to like girls, and in the end you have to live with that fact. Yes, yes, you do have to live with that fact.

Because you can’t change it. It’s not within your power to do so.

Churches can condemn it, that’s their call. That’s part of their faith and how they choose to do things. Do I think it’s wrong? Hell yes. Can I do anything about it? Not really.

You can try scared straight programs, you can use social tactics, you can do whatever you want. You can’t make people stop being gay.

And I can’t make people stop liking balloons.


And please don’t tell me about how the Bible condemns homosexuality. That’s YOUR faith and YOUR interpretation of a passage. Not all of us follow the Bible as holy writ. Even scholars argue about the validity of the anti-homosexuality statements. And as has been brought up, there is no record of JESUS condemning it. Don’t you think if God were really worried about where people were sticking it, he would have made sure his son/his avatar on earth would go around smacking homos down?

Plus, my branch of the Church of Hot Addiction condemns balloons. They’re tacky.