Jonas Brothers bring the screaming teens to Kimmel

HOLLYWOOD — Last night the Jonas Brothers were guests and performers on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — and guys? I’ve never seen more people for any other band or guest in my entirety of Kimmel experiences. I’ve been like 20 times, and I thought No Doubt was packed when they were there. Pshyeahhh right! There were fans inside the performance area (as seen above), fans outside the gates (some people camped overnight!), fans gated off on both sides of the back entrance alley hoping to catch a glimpse of the JoBros. Insanity, I tell you!

They sat down to do an interview first:

And then they performed “When You Look Me in the Eyes”:

I was there, here’s my video!

They performed several more songs after the taping was over, including “SOS” which I uh… am listening to right now. (Shut up. Haha.)

If you wanna be a part of the craze, summer tour info is here.

Oh p.s. Fans were so enthused, that they screamed when we (me, Kron, Brad) walked out of the green room. “DID YOU MEET THEM DID YOU MEET THEM?” they yelled. And then Kron straight up lied and nodded yes, and everyone screamed again. Don’t worry, I tsk-tsked her later.