The Hush Sound roundup: New video, new snaps & more


Despite all the hullabaloo that’s going on about Panic‘s release, I feel the need to remind you about The Hush Sound‘s Goodbye Blues! The disc dropped Tuesday; It comes highly recommended by myself, and pourxthexchampagne insists that it’s the perfect album “for doing obnoxious amounts of homework” (I’ll take her word for that.)

They put out the video for their first single, “Honey” and you can watch that here. Very cool use of color and imagery! Savannah offers up a very insightful interpretation of the video, definitely a good read.

Behind-the-scenes footage is over on friendsorenemies, along with some snaps from their Chicago in-store earlier this week.

I want to know what your fav song on the album is, but I also need to see some reviews! Get ON it!

And memorize those lyrics, HCT approaches!