The Hush Sound preview Goodbye Blues


The Hush Sound‘s “Goodbye Blues” drops on March 18th (SO CLOSE!) on Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen, but you can preview each track on Amazon right now.

This makes me so excited for the release—the songs are so beautiful, so haunting, so soulful. I’m especially in love with “Hurricane” (it’s so pretty it gives me chills) and “Hospital Bed Crawl.”

You know what’s unique about The Hush Sound‘s music? I feel like most music takes time to gather emotion, to gather associations—for example, listening to Blink-182 will remind me of high school, listening to The Like will flood in memories from Christmas ’06, and listening to MxPx always reminds me of that time I made out with Mike Herrera. (KIDDING! That only happened in a dream.)

There are so many Hush songs that are so moving from the very first time you hear them—know what I mean? They pour so much of themselves and their talent into each track that there’s no need for imagination on the listener’s part. It’s all there.

All of a sudden everything just clicked,” says vocalist/pianist Greta Salpeter in a recent press release. “This record is the consummation of our unconsummated marriage.

I can’t wait to absorb this album.

P.S. Don’t forget the Hushies are opening up for Panic at the Disco on the Honda Civic Tour!