Fox Anchor Walks Off Set, Journalist Integrity Still Not the Station’s Forte

So apparently this morning, host Brian Kilmeade walked off the set of “Fox and Friends” during a debate about Barrack Obama’s speech this past week. Kilmeade’s departure was accompanied by the shrew-like taunts of Gretchen Carlson, who I have now decided is on the “people I will some day punch in the mouth” list.

Later, Chris Wallace tried to settle/continue the debate, and called this morning’s “Fox and Friends” “two hours of Obama bashing.”

Does this mean Fox News anchors are actually starting to stand up and show that they are not happy with the network’s biased reporting? Or was this staged to make Fox News look like a kinder, less crazy-right-wing network?

The world may never know.

(Story and clips from here.)