Fall Out Boy’s Antarctica trip postponed due to bad weather

Fall Out Boy were prepped to fly to Antarctica and set their world record on Tuesday, but bad weather is keeping them grounded in Chile until further notice, reports MTV news.
“Bad weather in Antarctica, go figure,” FOB frontman Patrick Stump deadpanned over coffee and eggs. “We were sort of aware that this might happen, but, to be honest, we’re just hoping some other band doesn’t slip in by boat or something and set the world record right under our noses.”

Oh, you so funny P. Stump. Anyway, the FOBz are holed up in Hotel Finis Terrae because their Chilean fans are stalker-storming the outside of it. (Srsly—MTV has video evidence.) So they’re just hanging out, daydreaming of Antarctica. Well, sort of.

“I’m basically expecting that it’ll be like Hoth, that ice planet on ‘Star Wars,’ only I bet there won’t be any Tauntauns there,” Pete Wentz laughed, flicking between channels. “But I also heard that you can, like, get a photo taken with your arm around a penguin, like frat-boy style, which would be hilarious.”

Memo to Wentz: We fully expect that photo op to be a reality now. DON’T LET US DOWN.