Fall Out Boy party with the Amish; To perform in Antarctica

Much news on the FOB front today! The 411 about the mysterious Seven Continents bit posted on Pete’s blog has been revealed—Fall Out Boy are playing a research station in Antarctica on March 25. They’re doing the trip with Greenpeace, documenting the effects of global warming along the way AND setting a world record as the first band to play shows on all seven continents. (Absolutepunk)

From MTV: “That’s not to say they’re the first band ever to play all seven continents — although the spokesperson said they’re the first he’s aware of— just that they did it fastest, and they went through the trouble of contacting Guinness to certify the record.”

I bet those scientists are stoked—I can’t imagine what other entertainment options they usually have. But maybe I’m just close-minded and you really can get your kicks observing the behavioral patterns of penguins.

Secondly, more info ’bout Fall Out Boy’s involvement with “Sex Drive,” a comedy being filmed about Amish teens who know how to party—turns out Seth Green was the selling point for them. Their cameo will go something like this: the tour bus breaks down and as favor for fixing it up, Ezekiel (played by Green) asks them to play an Amish Rumspriga party. (MTV)

Lastly, there might not be a Fall Out Boy comic because of a legal conflict with Matt Groening’s trademark on “Fall Out Boy” in comics. Suckage. It’s not as if they’re actually using the Simpson’s character. Kinda stingy, ya think? (comicbookresources)