Fall Out Boy forced to cancel Antarctic trip

The weather in the coldest place on the planet has not improved, so Fall Out Boy‘s world record-setting excursion (initially scheduled for Tuesday, then postponed) is a no-go now, according to MTV News. Oh Antarctica, you unpredicatable beast of a continent, you.

The band is considerably bummed, according to MTV News. On Wednesday evening, the guys were told the chances of the weather clearing up was a whopping ONE percent. Following that news, they had a brainstorming sesh — their manager tried to talk their hired flight crew into going still; Pete Wentz‘s suggestion was hiring a private boat to sail just inside the Arctic Circle, where they’d play a quickie acoustic set. Their tour manager, Henry Bordeaux, secured a C-130 Hercules aircraft which they could’ve used if the weather improved at all — but it didn’t.

So close (two hours away!) and yet so far…

“I think it’s still kind of a pretty big success, because my interest in doing it was [to get] people to talk about Antarctica, and if you’re gonna fail, fail big. I’m definitely disappointed, but… the conditions in Antarctica are apparently not ideal for flying in, so c’est la vie,” commented Patrick Stump.
The Guinness Book of World Records editor, Craig Glenday, is telling them to keep their chins up. “They’re still setting the record. It’s whenever they make it down here,” he said. “It can happen whenever; they’ve just got to make it down to Antarctica.”

Aww FOBz. So sad. But the nuturing, protective part of me is going OH THANK G-D right now.