Dresden Dolls to release ‘No, Virginia’

The Dresden Dolls are putting out No, Virgina, a new collection of songs, on May 20! Well, not an album full of entirely new material, per se, but a gathering of new songs, old demos and B-sides from the Yes, Virginia sessions. Track list:1. “Dear Jenny” (new song)2. “Night Reconnaissance” (new song)3. “MouseAndTheModel” (old demo)4. “Ultima Esperanza” (new song)5. “Gardener” (unreleased sessions from Yes, Virginia)6. “Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner” (Yes, Virginia b-side)7. “Sorry Bunch” (new song)8. “Pretty in Pink” (previously released on a 2005 comp)9. “The Kill” (unreleased sessions from Yes, Virginia)10. “The Sheep Song” (new song)11. “Boston” (unreleased sessions from Yes, Virginia)

Amanda Palmer will be playing a solo show with The Boston Pops in June; Brian Viglione recently collaborated on two Nine Inch Nails songs. The duo will come together again to play some shows in support of No, Virginia later this year.

I personally liked their self-titled release (2003) a little more than Yes, Virginia, but I’ll definitely open my ears to this, mostly because their “Pretty in Pink” cover is rad.