Cobra Starship at Diesel 3/5/2008 OR Thoughts on G-A-B-E getting me high and Ryland’s fine, fine ass

So, I have officially decided that from now on, I will be listing my religion as “Church of Hot Addiction.” Because yesterday may as well have been a fucking religious experience.

Long story short, found out there was going to be a Meet and Greet pre-show at a store in the South Side. Got there like an hour and a half early and met up with Vanessa (hollow1005) in her sweet, sweet red pants. We waited in line, giddier than most of the teenagers there, and kept waiting for the band to appear (sidebar: there was this really tall guy who worked for the store who we kept thinking was Gabe and got all excited). Finally they did and HOLY SHIT are they amazing.

They were giving out posters and signing them, sadly I have no picture or scan of mine, but the whole thing funneled through with Alex and Nate first (who I stupidly had nothing to say to…I didn’t want to be like “WHY’D YOU KILL GABE’S GOLDFISH!?” to Nate) (and on that note: Here’s that video I was talking about, Vanessa!). Then to Victoria who is FUCKING GORGEOUS in real life and I didn’t want to yell “HI, I’D DO YOU!” because I don’t know if she’d appreciate that.

And then we came to Ryland. Who I shall henceforth refer to only as ♥ Ryland ♥ .

“Hi!” I said, “I’m the girl who’s been messaging you on Facebook.”

“I don’t have a Facebook.”

“Oh, sorry, Guy Ripley’s Facebook.”

“He doesn’t have one either.”

“Oh…well, now I look like an ass!”

“Why, what’d they promise you? Maybe I can help.”

O_O “They didn’t promise anything! Sorry! They were very compelling!”

And then…GABE.


And I said “I want to lick your nipples!”

Okay, not REALLY. I said “I’m Ashly.”

He asked me for the spelling and we said goodbye and so ended our tryst.

Anyway, Vanessa and I walked around for a bit, not wanting to get in line yet, and ended up in a convenience store behind a roadie from The Cab and then, as we were walking around again, we noticed people crowded around the entrance to the Meet and Greet store again. “Huh,” I said, “there must have been a rush DEAR GOD THAT’S VICTORIA!”

Victoria was outside getting pictures.


He turned to head for the venue and I said, quickly “Ryland, anyway I can get a quick picture with you? I understand if you have to go…”

“No! No! Here, come on!”




So, I’m going to say this now: We’re running away and getting married. He just doesn’t know it yet. I think I’ll let it be the big surprise for after the cholorform wears off.

Then Vanessa got a picture with him. And we started walking to the venue.

And he was right in front of us.

So Vanessa got some video.

Yeah. YEAH.

Then we waited around for her friend Clint to show up, and as we did, we realized we were about two feet from The Cab’s van (the new one, since the old one crashed 🙁 ). And then I ended up inside the venue as Vanessa waited for Clint some more.

I missed the first part of The Cab’s set, which kinda sucked, but the last half was AMAZING! Seriously, people, I mean it when I say you NEED to be listening to these guys. If there’s any justice in the world, they are going to be HUGE.

After the set, I got to meet Singer Alex (the one on his knees, DAMN does that boy have stage prescence!) and I told him I liked the band and hoped it worked out for them. He shook my hand (!) and introduced himself and it was great. Just fucking great.

We The Kings were awesome. I hadn’t heard anything by them before, but I liked what I heard live.

Metro Station I could take or leave. Though the guitarist is very…exuberant, to say the least.

And then Cobra.


I can’t totally put my glee into words, so here’s the run down:

  • Sweaty ♥ Ryland ♥ is three million kinds of hot.
  • Gabe is AMAZING live.
  • I danced and jumped and screamed so hard that today my legs hurt and my voice is SHOT.
  • During “My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is)” Gabe changed the line to “Girl, I’m gonna make you WET!” and I think Vanessa and I were two of the only people that GOT the line, but that’s okay because DAMN, GABE! JUST DAMN!
  • Someone from the balcony threw one of the light necklaces they’re selling at shows at Gabe and he caught it around his wrist and, mid banter, stopped and said “Yeah, I caught that shit! I can do like five things at once and still catch this shit!”
  • The room went fucking NUTS for SOAP and Church of Hot Addiction.

I WOULD DO THIS SHOW AGAIN IN AN INSTANT, HOLY FUCK! Amazing! Just AMAZING!I just need to come up with a good excuse for next time!

I wanna thank my friend Rachel once again, ’cause she helped so much with hooking me up with a ticket and letting me pay her back. I had an amazing time and I really REALLY thank her for helping facilitate it!

I also wanna thank Vanessa for being my Cobra buddy and hanging out with me! I had such an awesome time and it was just…wow. Thank you for acting like a 14-year-old on too much sugar with me! 😀