Cheer up, emo kids!

So, yesterday I did my extra gleeful concert write up. Because I was extra gleeful.

But now I’d like to talk about something that simply boggled my mind at the Cobra show Wednesday night.

The concert was amazing. People were jumping and screaming and while we were all crammed together, we were for the most part all there to have fun (I discount the parents who got dragged along…and who apparently weren’t aware of Cobra’s lyrics or subject matter. At least they didn’t sing “It’s Warmer in the Basement?”…actually, now I wish they HAD!). And yet, everywhere I turned there were people wandering around with these pissed off scowls on their faces. People looking, as much as I hate to use this word, EMO.

Dude, scowling? At a fucking COBRA show? That’s like a bear driving a car: HOW CAN THIS BE?

If there’s anything Cobra stands for it’s having fun. Just letting go and dancing and jumping. So I didn’t totally understand how people could be pushing, shoving, elbowing me in the tit, and doing it all looking utterly disaffected and like they didn’t CARE if they were there or not.

And I’m worried that’s just the natural state of things for people. That’s the status quo. And I know it’s cool to not care, but really, not caring when there’s somebody on stage who specifically came to make you dance tonight? Just give in and have a good fucking time, okay? Stop glaring, stop worrying about being cool. Throw your fangs up and get down. Get over yourselves for a few hours at least.

And remember what Gabe has been charged by the Cobra to do, folks. To make sure mankind goes out in style:

“By teaching hipsters to not take themselves so seriously and by telling emo kids to stop being pussies. How’s that for a start?”