Britney Spears and Heidi Montag’s ‘duet’ is as crazy as it sounds

A previously unreleased Britney Spears song is streaming on’s website. Why is it special? The untitled demo (that’s right, DEMO) is being called a “duet” with The Hills’ Heidi Montag.

How, your poor, pop-loving head may be wondering, did this come about?

The straight dope comes from your favorite MSpaint-abuser, Perez Hilton, who claims he got the 411 from an insider::

“Heidi and Spencer got their hands on an old demo recording of Britney’s that never made it onto any of her albums. … They’ve been working with a lot of producers on Heidi’s new album and one of them gave them the track. They decided to turn it into a duet instead of having Heidi re-record the song with just her vocals because they knew they’d get more press this way.”
Unfortch, this isn’t even a good Britney song. Put it back in hiding. Kthxbai.