Blessthefall looking for new lead singer


Thursday evening, Blessthefall posted a blog soliciting demos from “serious singers” who are interested in being their new lead vocalist. The group posted an mp3 of an instrumental track that they’re requiring all hopefuls to sing along to, along with the following information

your name and contact phone number with email addressyour ageinstruments you playmajor influences in your songwritingpast experience and current projects*please attach recordings of past bands you have been in or current projects

send your demo using your vocal range and style with lyrics and melody by blessthefallrecording must be free of auto tune and studio effects so we can hear your true vocal performancesubmissions will be accepted by email only please send to tightenitup1@aol.comour new vocalist must be willing relocate to phoenix for the writing process, tour 10 months out of the year, have strong writing ability in lyrics and melody, and make the band your first priority.we will contact you if we like your recording.

Earlier this week, Escape The Fate posted a blog announcing Craig Mabbit, formerly of blessthefall, would be their lead vocalist… for three shows. At the time, they had not yet decided if this would be a full-time, permanent position for him.
Blessthefall are currently on Taste of Chaos, with other members of the band subbing in on vocals until they find a new dude.

To everyone who’s been to TOC so far — are they still putting on a good live show, despite Craig’s absence? Any rising rock stars out of a gig who you think would fit right in?

P.S. LOL at the absolutepunk comments.