All Time Low keep pop-punk alive with L.A. show

(Photo by Iris Wasabi, click to visit her profile and see her other photos!)

HOLLYWOOD— Tuesday night the Alternative Press tour hit Tinsel Town! It started kind of ridiculously early (anyone who caught Forever The Sickest Kids or Sonny, drop a comment and I’ll include your review!), but I dashed in as those glorious boys from The Matches were taking the stage. The design school dropout in me gets giddy about their color coordination. OK, and red/black/white is my favorite color scheme.

I got in the crowd so I could get some closer pics and like, get a workout holding ground against the pit kids. I love every song of theirs, so it’s hard to pick out highlights, BUT the banter between Alex and Jack rivals any song.

“I haven’t gotten any bras thrown at me tonight,” said Jack between songs.

“That’s because we’re in L.A. Girls in L.A. don’t wear bras. They wear trendy tops with pasties,” said Alex, “At least… that’s what I wear when I go out in L.A.”

And then Jack got a few bras:

Some girl held up a sign that said, “I’ll suck your di– for a pick,” so Alex jokingly threw out 50 picks for “50 b—jobs.”

Their cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was quality and mygod, I cannot wait for Punk Goes Crunk! They played “Remembering Sunday” as the encore, and it was just… a perfect ending. They sounded amazing and the crowd energy made the show 5x more fun. Long live pop-punk!