do you want the moon? just say the word and ill throw a lasso around it.

the past 48 hours of my life have been insane. i don’t even know how to explain the events that have gone on, but they have defiantly been epic. saturday jeffree, jac, amy and i went to urth cafe.. mmmm.. i love that place.. its becoming my favorite place to go.. cheese plater and green tea blended bubble tea.. after dinner we went to the metro station/cobra show at the troubador. obviously the night was dramatic as usual.. but atleast it ended with don carrying amy out of the top bunk..

chris vee and billy.

jac, jeffree, gabe and i

didn’t go to bed till 7a.m. sunday morning and then woke up at 830a.m.. i think something is off with my sleeping habits.. i haven’t been able to sleep lately.. wahhhh.. always tired but no sleep.. haha.. once amy and i got up and ready, jeffree met up with us and we got pinkberry.. matthew perry was there.. he got old.. he kept looking at us and creeping around our car when we left.. typical.. after that we went to the fairfax swat meet.. took 30 minutes to find parking but i got the most amazing black boots!!! the swat meet was followed by beverly center where we got gucci sunglasses, giant pink hellokitty and fafi makeup!

last night was nuvo rouge.. it ended up being kinda fun, but i hated the music.. it was super electro.. and i felt like i was at a rave.. i kept yelling at a guy with a mustache that he was embarrassing and then told tmz he was the most embarrassing person with a mustache.. ahahaha.. the club was followed by a late night meal at mels.. which ofcourse.. turned into drama.. these 3 british guys were sitting next to us and wouldnt stop yelling.. then they wanted to fight my friend sal.. one hid a butter knife in his pocket.. i was yelling across the table.. you just had to be there.. haha!!

today amy and i are going shopping for a mop and bottled water.. we want to make crab cakes and mashed potatoes.. i cant cook so she will probably make them.. tonight we might go to mcmb show.. but who knows.. i want to have a movieee night and get take out..wahwahh..

i want the whole collection!!! i love the colors..

what color do you usually wear on your nails?