Helen wrote an awesome survey.

And now, I complete it for your pleasure!

1.Q: Who’s scarier: a) Ronald McDonald b)Burger King Kingc)other mascot (name)A: The Burger King. It HAS NO SOUL.

2.Q: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done or that has happened to you?A: I embarrass myself on a near daily basis. So this is an impossible question.

3.Q: Have you ever intentionally stolen anything bigger than a pack of gum? If so, what?A:Not from a store, but I have a decent collection of accidentally stolen CD’s and books from ex-housemates.

4.Q: Describe an unusual family tradition you had when you were a kid or one you have now.A:Traditional holiday meals with my father’s side of the family. Christmas and Easter are always traditional Slovakian means, Halupki, cold ham, pickles, potato salad, etc.

5.Q: What happens to us after we die?A: Necrophilia 🙁

6.Q: Did you ever have a crush on any of your teachers? Describe.A:No! But I had a friend who did! We called him from a slumber party and talked to him. While he was drunk. …I think he hit on me.

7.Q: Define “osculate.”A: Define “your mom!”

8.Q: If you were eating your last Godiva truffle and dropped it on a

New York City street
, would you pick it up, wipe it offand eat it?A: I would scream in anguish. And buy more truffles.

9. Q: Which American president would you like or have liked to have an affair with?A: Washington. He ate opponent’s brains and invented cocaine.

10.Q: What is the soul?A: Nougat and Caramel.