Panic and that Green Gentleman… video

Those Panic at the Disco boys sure keep busy, eh? Apparently they’ve already shot the video for their second single, “That Green Gentleman.”

The treatment is pretty out of this world. It has to do with those Russian [nesting] dolls that you have when you’re a kid,” guitarist Ryan Ross explained. “You have a big one, and you take the top off and there’s a smaller one, and a smaller one. And it never ends. There’s young versions of us in the video, like, us as children in the video. Us as toddlers, running around, flying kites.” [Cut=More, more, more…]“Luckily enough, when we were kids,” Walker added, “we filmed the first section of this video, so we —”

“We dusted it off,” Ross laughed. “Jon’s mom had a bunch of old VHS tapes, from back when he was still running around, still pooping the pants.”

Sounds messy, dudes! But just what does it have to do with the song? Well, much like the video for “Nine in the Afternoon,” pretty much nothing. Which is sort of how the guys wanted it. (MTV)

What are they trying to do, kill us with cuteness?