Panic at the Disco talk Pretty. Odd.

With the Pretty. Odd. release date rapidly approaching, Panic at the Disco‘s sophomore album is getting a TON of buzz.. And they’re all in sharing-and-caring mode, so we get fed bits of info as the days go by. The latest words from the mouths of PATD? Stop freaking out about the whole “departure” thing.

Echoing what other online outlets have been saying, MTV News sized up the album as “probably the most Beatles-esque album to come down the pipe in a decade, recalling mid- to late-period Fab Four tunes (“Tomorrow Never Knows,” “Lovely Rita,” “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!,” and “Rocky Raccoon” are just a few that spring to mind ) in both songwriting and scope.

… oh, fantastic. Beatles songs I’ve never heard of. Is this why some of you have your proverbial panties in a bunch? Because they’re not even referring to your mom’s fav Beatles songs?

“I mean, [this record] is very different from the first record,” frontman Brendon Urie said. “We’re still the same guys in the band, it’s just that it’s been three-something years since we’ve written material for an album, so … I think it’s just the natural change that takes place from the time you turn 17 to the time you turn 20. We still like pop music, and we still like writing melody, and I think we just got better at that; I don’t think we abandoned that in any way,” Ryan Ross chimed in.

Look my babies, if Nine in the Afternoon is any indication, then I will take those changes. I’ll take them and squeeze them and love them and dance around my room on a Sunday morning* with them. I’m not an incredibly critical music-listener. I won’t weep for lost synth beats or hurl Patterned vests at the stage or snarl at song titles that take less than a breath to spit out. I just look for music to move me. And the first single DID, so I have hope for the rest of the album. And as Alyssef stated, “they can’t keep beating the same dead horse forever, no good artist has.” Et tu?

I will, however, allow you to mourn over ONE (and only one) possibly abandoned element– vote here.