OSCARS: Gifting Suites are Like Trick or Treating for Celebrities

This past Friday, Lisa from A Socialite’s Life and I made a quick stop at one of the gifting suites happening in LA in conjunction with the Oscars. Once we made our way past the security guards stationed at the door, we were transported into a mini-mall of sorts where more than 20 brands were set up anxiously awaiting the next celebrity to walk through the door that they could introduce their products to.

While there, we spied Joey Fatone and Shannon Elizabeth catching up in the corner, each with their hands full of goodies, including wine from Fish Eye, Desert Blue Jeans and a huge can of Café Bustelo coffee. Other celebrities that visited the suite included Juno director Jason Reitman, Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson, Tara Reid and Rosanna Arquette who were treated to a gift bag from the new soy-based skincare line Adorage and cute printed dresses from Single.