I’m not really bragging but YES, I swore to myself if I ever made it to the first page of the most popular list I would post a photo. Well I have made it to the second page many times but that elusive 1st page always eluded me until last night. What a shock to see my Eggy Weggs next to Kikikannibal, Raquelreed and Hannabeth. And my good friend Kassady was in the top five ~

So when I checked today there I was next to that TILA chick and the sweet Millieann and Jennybean. And Kassady was shining at the top where she so belongs. I certainly don’t consider myself SCENE at all and I do believe Dr.Mojo deserves all the credit for me being popular at all. And don’t anyone feel sorry that you don’t get on there it probably just means we are the ones totally obsessed with Buzznet, and I’m sure I’m probably gone from the list by now since that always happens ~