Ay ay ay ay ay

Strangely enough, I was listening to “Outta My Head” by Ashlee Simpson right before being directed to this link. And strangely, it fit perfectly.

The difference between the two is that female brains are programmed for empathy while male brains are governed by a need to understand and build systems.

Experts believe the type of brain affects the way people socialise, the type of job they opt for or how successful they are in relationships.

So…because I display empathy I shouldn’t be interested in taking things apart to figure out how they work? Gee, golly, gosh mister man, maybe THAT’S why I had such a hard time hooking up my sound system. And here I thought it was because I was missing cables and had to fake it with left over parts I found during my move. Man, my crazy ass feminine brain sure does fail.

I would like to know if these scientists have ever heard guys gossip. Because from what I have seen? Straight white males are the nastiest gossips in the world. And I have known more than my fair share of overy passive-aggressive guys.

So what does this teach us? Many things in the human brain are still a mystery. Like what part of it they were using when they came up with these results. Also it makes me wonder if those brains taste different. Of course, you know who you can ask about that, right?

Also? This article needed more pictures of David Beckham’s “keen fashion sense.”