Umbrella Academy Issue #5 Lobby Cards

So, in case you haven’t been following the Umbrella Academy Myspace (not that I have it and Gabrielle Ba’s friended or anything…STOP JUDGING ME!), before each new issue they’ve been releasing lobby cards as previews.

And this time around? You can be totally sure of Gerard Way’s involvement. Why?

Coffee. Coffee coffee coffee. Because as it was put in “Life on the Murder Scene” a video of Gerard’s day would be simply “Going to get coffee, going to get coffee, going to get coffee.”

Check out the other two for this issue and the ones for previous issues (including a fantastically creepy one from #4 featuring a partial shot of White Violin) at the official Myspace.

And while you’re at it, maybe we should tell them to bring some love over here to buzznet as well! Not that anyone here would be interested in Gerard Way’s comic or anything.