*The Kill*….pt47

Xoxoxo’s to Dee, Hannah and Jessica!! Luv ya guys!!!

Everyone looks at Hannah. Dee holds on to Jessica really tightly and cry’s, “Oh god what?!” Gabbie runs over to her and takes ahold of her. Hannah meanwhile is still talking on the cell. “Ok, ok. Yes we’ll be over later. Thank you” She hangs up and gives a deep sigh. “Well?” says Shannon. “He’s gonna be ok” Hannah answers smiling. “And we can see him this afternoon!” Gabbie and Shannon yell in happiness, Tomo and Jessica hug Dee, and Jared just woke up saying “Who’s making pancakes?” The other’s stop and look at him. “What?” he says giving them a confused look. “It smell’s like someone’s making pancakes. I’m hungry” Shannon laughs and shakes his head saying, “Have a nice nap bro?” “Um, yeah I guess so” Jared reply’s. He then looks over to Dee and says, “Dee what’s up? You look funny” Dee just laughs and says, “It’s nothing dear. Go downstairs and get your pancakes” “Ok cool!” He jumps up and runs out the door. “Nutcase” mutters Shannon. “He doesn’t remember” says Gabbie. “Good, at least one of us don’t” says Dee smiling. “That has just so..” she breaks off trying to stop herself from crying again. Jessica gives her a hug and says, “I know hun, it’s gonna be ok now” Everyone then go down and gets something to eat. “How are those pancakes coming along Jared?” asks Shannon. “I don’t know. Don’t see any, I’ll just make some more” Jared reply’s, opening a box of pancake mix. “Should we tell him?” asks Gabbie to Dee. “Yeah, I think so. Otherwise he’s gonna wonder why we’re going to the hospital for no reason at alll” “Right. But after he makes his pancakes. Don’t want to mess up his fun” They laugh and then get coffee.

Around noon everyone gets into the bus Gabbie used to go to camp. All of them are going to the hospital, and all of them can’t wait to see Frank. Gabbie told Jared what’s going on on the way there. “Oh god that’s messed up! Why did he stop breathing?” “Don’t know. Guess we’re gonna find out when we get there”