Taking My Anger Out On Stephanie Meyer

ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS BLOG IS APPARENTLY TAMORA PIERCE APPROVED. 😀Tamora said “You go, Girl,” in response to this rant. I think that’s the only real approval I need.

Note: If you are a fan of Stephanie Meyer’s “SPARKLY VAMPIRES OMG!” series of books, stop reading. NOW. I will have nothing positive to say about any of it. I will be ripping your favorite series of books apart in my own blog and telling you why it hurts me to see so many girls eating this shit up like some kind of sugar coated orgasm drug. If you are offended after I have given you this disclaimer? It’s your own fault.

EDIT: This is a rant. It is not supposed to be entirely rational. And I did warn you what I say here is angry.I wanted to read Twilight. Honestly, I did. I saw it in a bookstore and thought “Hey, this looks good.” And smartly, instead of spending the money on it, I decided instead to check it out of the library.

I’m GLAD I didn’t give that woman another cent for her disgusting series.

Wendy covered a lot of my problems in this journal entry, and I’ve ranted about the series before, but I’m angry, I need a rant, and today seems like the day for it.

Girls? Ladies? Women. WHY DO YOU IDOLIZE EDWARD CULLEN? Will someone PLEASE explain it to me? If you want eternal love with lots of brooding and woe is me, I have another suggestion for you:

Trust me. There are better books/shows/movies/comics about vampires out there. Please look into them.

EDIT 2: ELECTRIC BUGALOO: I am not saying that liking Twilight will make you a victim of abuse. I am saying that excusing abusive behavior in a fictional character just because he’s a “total hottie vampire” speaks volumes about the opinion we as a society have about abusive relationships. It’s okay because he’s attractive, and because he REALLY REALLY loves her. Except that it’s not. Excusing it fictionally makes me worry that some day these same women will excuse it in real life. Emotional abuse is hard to pin down, just because he never hit you doesn’t mean he never hurt you. But it’s okay, right? Because he said “I love you” when it was all said and done.

EDIT 3: TALKING TO A BRICK WALL: Please read MiseryxChord’s comment to this post. She pretty much sums up the point I was trying to make.

Also, if you’re not into literary criticism or reading something fictional in order to explore the psychological aspects of it…such as what a book says about the opinions and attitudes of the author and the prevailing attitudes at a point in history? I suggest you avoid these majors in college:-fiction writing-literature-psychology-sociology