Places My Brain Should Just Stop Going

So, does anybody remember that poll I posted awhile back about celebrity comics?

My brain, deciding that it should not work normally but instead in ways that brains were never meant to work, has unfortunately come up with ideas for what some of these imaginary series would be like, if they were actually drawn.

FALL OUT BOY: This series would actually end up incorporating guys from other bands, as it would be a spin off from the “A Little Less 16 Candles, a Little More ‘Touch Me'” video. Come on, they already did action figures, why can’t there be a comic? Besides, there’s so much more to the story than is shown in the short video (though supposedly there’s a lot more footage…basically an extended cut of the video is rumored to exist, and I would like to point out this would be a sweet extra to include on a DVD. Just for the record). I know a lot of fan authors have explored expanding this universe, but I’d love to see what the actual canon is…were the guys hunting vampires before Pete was turned into one? What’s up with the gangs? Can we please have more vampire Travis?

PANIC! AT THE DISCO:This should be done in manga style. More towards the androgynous style of Tarot Cafe than CLAMP-esque artwork. It would be a play on the manga cliche of Magical Girls…Magical Circus Boys. Complete with sparkly transformation sequences and circus-based superpowers. BRENDON’S TOP HAT WOULD BE MAGICAL. How would they not be recognized while fighting evil? THEY’D HAVE EYE MAKE-UP ON. Because if they don’t have eye make-up? They’re a TOTALLY different band.

ASHLEE SIMPSON:In light of her “Vicky Valentine” persona, Ashlee’s short run series would be very trippy and heady, with her being trapped in her own head by “Vicky” while a fake her ran around living her life. Basically, a lot of the idea is based on the video for “Outta My Head (Ay-ya-ya).” It could be done in an extremely surreal style, swirled and fucked up like some of the more Delerium-centric issues of Sandman.

GWEN STEFANI:Another manga-like comic, this time in full CLAMP style. Gwen, guided by four spirits known as Love, Angel, Music and Baby, is on a quest to find love, live her life, and become a superstar. Comic misadventures and adorable chibis abound! And hell, let’s give Gwen some sort of jewelry with magical powers, just because…it can grant her a wish a week or something. I don’t totally know.

Don’t blame me, blame my brain. It has a mind of it’s own.

EDIT: Anyone willing to provide artwork for any of these series would be greatly rewarded with…um…love?