So, back in my rock climbing days, I learned the beauty of Sobe Beverages. Yes, Sobe. Ah, how I love thee…and continue to love thee well past my rock climbing and Judo days.

I’ve been on their mailing list forever and I’m one of their Very Important Lizards, or whatever. I hadn’t really thought about it much until I got home tonight to find a package for me from Sobe. I hadn’t ordered anything and I was immediately confused.

Turns out, I won shirts. Without meaning to.

So neatly rolled up in a box! How cool!

This was very thick. I was worried for a moment. What treasures were contained within?!

Turns out I got two of each shirt, one extra large and one large.

Detail of the blue and white one.

Detail on the red “Energy” shirt.

Detail on the green shirt. This one looks much better in person and I’m wearing the large version of it right now!

So…hooray for me! I have shirts!