Hijacking Hannah Montana

Police arrested and charged a teenager Tuesday night at Nashville International Airport. Investigators said he planned to hijack a commercial airliner. The 16-year-old boarded a plane in California bound for Nashville. Airport police said he smuggled handcuffs and other dangerous items on board. A tip led guards to arrest a teenage runaway from a Los Angeles flight. Investigators said he somehow smuggled handcuffs, rope and tape onto the plane. He also had a copy of the flight plan and schedules. [Cut=Follow for some LOLZ…]Investigators said he planned to hijack the plane and order the pilots to divert the course from Nashville to Lafayette, La. The teenager wanted to crash the airliner into a Hannah Montana concert. (ONTD)

The best part? He got the date of the concert wrong.

Big ambitions kids have got these days. But I think there are safer ways to evacuate a concert. For example:

1. Releasing a flock of well-fed seagulls onto an open-air arena

2. Sneak into the performers dressing room, steal their clothes and replace oversized jeans, wallet chains, baseball caps and other things that would make the audience go, “Uh, so since when did I sign up for this Fred Durst show?”

3. Pirate the PA system with the soothing sounds of… Kenny G. They’ll sleep faster than Dorothy in a field of poppies.

4. Play the movie “Teeth” (omg yes, this is really a movie) on the monitors.