Heidi Montag: ready to get ‘Higher’

Guess who’s releasing a digital-only single soon?
MTV’s The Hills star Heidi Montag will be a guest on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, January 24th. The track, “Higher,” will be available starting February 5th on iTunes as an exclusive pre-release, which will be accompanied by a music video produced by Heidi’s boyfriend and Hill’s co-star Spencer Pratt. The track will then be available on all remaining major digital music stores on February 26th.
In addition to her music and acting, Heidi is working on an upcoming clothing line, Heidiwood, in partnership with Anchor Blue, which is expected to debut this spring in almost two hundred stores nationwide. Heidi is also working on a mini-EP to be released later this year.

I have a couple questions:

1. Didn’t she and Spencer break up? I mean, I stopped paying attention awhile ago, but I have to admit that mag cover that said, “Why I broke off my engagement” made my heart smile.

2. What the heck is a mini-EP? Doesn’t EP already indicate short in length? Is it also physically small? I don’t understand.