David Beckham/Snoop Dogg collaboration?

Because we need some LOLz in our life:

According to UK websites thepeople.co.uk and metro.co.uk, Snoop Dogg wants to get new friend, Beckham, on backing vocals for his next single. “I wouldn’t mind opening it up and letting him get onto it. You never know what would come out of that,” Snoop told Metro.
David Beckham has found himself enamoured with reality-TV stardom since moving to L.A. The soccer star is set to appear in Snoop’s new E! reality show, Father Hood. The L.A. Galaxy star – affectionately/disturbingly referred to as “Goldenballs” in the British press – shows up in an episode to do some private soccer drills with Snoop’s kids.”Me and Becks became friends after I met him at the Live 8 concert,” says Snoop of the unlikely friendship. “We furthered our friendship when he became part of the L.A. Galaxy.” (Dose.ca)

I’m giggling to myself picturing David Beckham rapping. Don’t get me wrong, I doubt it’d make him any less hott, it’s just… comical. Haha.

Waiiiiit. Did Snoop really refer to him as “Becks”? ‘Cause I’m having trouble envisioning that too.