Buzznet movie review: Over Her Dead Body


Last night I went to a screening of “Over Her Dead Body” starring Eva Longoria Parker and Paul Rudd. I hadn’t seen very many previews for it, but that’s probably because I watch TV shows on the internet. Anyway. I don’t know if my lack of expectations are what always have me leaving the theater happy, but this movie was cute! I laughed out loud (whoa, feels weird to spell that out) on several occasions.

Eva Longoria Parker plays Kate, who… hang on, let me paste the synopsis in here:

(from the Official movie site)

I know, it’s not the most compelling plot in the world, nor does the ending surprise you, but it is genuinely funny. I think the best surprise in the movie comes from Jason Biggs (who plays Ashley’s best friend, Dan). Eva Longoria basically plays the same character she plays in Desperate Housewives (Gaby Solis) but I’m cool with that because that happens to be my favorite character. Ok, second favorite. (Bree’s have to stick together and all) Also– I’ve had a mini-crush on Paul Rudd ever since Clueless.

I give it a solid B. Hurrah!In theaters 2/1/08!