*The Kill*….pt38

Hugs and kisses to Dee, Hannah and Jessica!!!

Later Gabbie’s still at camp. Hannah and Tomo are watching tv at Hannah’s room. “I’m bored” says Tomo kissing Hannah’s head. “Me too, good movie though” “Yeah it is” “So want do ya want to do?” “I donno, make out?” “Haha later” “Oh come on!” “Nope sorry. I was thinking we could do something, like go out or something. Besides we always make out” “And?” “And, too much of a good thing. You might get tired of our kisses if you have to many” laughs Hannah. “Never! Never ever” cry’s Tomo hugging her close. “I was kidding!” “I know, but still, that’s not funny” “Hehe sorry. Hey! Maybe we could…” but before she can say what, Tomo pull’s her into a kiss. And that’s the end of it.

Meanwhile, Jessica, Jared and Shannon are in the brother’s room. Jared’s showing Jessica how to do sound and editing. “Oh so you do it this way?” “Yep, now hit that button and it’ll pop up and then hit play” “Oh cool!” Meanwhile, Shannon’s bored out of his mind. “You two having fun?” he asks laying on his bed. “Yeah it’s great!” says Jessica. “Why don’t you come over and see how it works” “No thanks, I already know, not fun” “Oh come on, it is fun!” “Whatever, I’m taking a nap, if you two get playful, go to another room, don’t wake me up” “Oh shut up Shan” “Ok, just so you know” “Night night” A while later, Jessica can’t help to ask, “So, do you want to get playful?” “You mean a pillow fight?” reply’s Jared. They laugh, then go on to their work.

Meanwhile at Dee and Franks room, their bored too. “Boreing day” says Dee looking out the window. “Yep” reply’s Frank sitting on the sofa. “Wonder how Gabbie’s doing” “Most likely kicking butt” “Yep” There’s silence for a bit, then Franks asks her, “You still mad at me?” “I told you I never was” “Oh right. Still want to shot me?” “Sometimes, but not right now” “Oh ok” Dee sighs and shakes her head, thinking on how what a little boy Frank can be sometimes. She goes over and sits next to him. He puts his arm around her, she leans up and kisses him. “I love you” says Dee. “I love you too. Even if you want to kill me” “Sometimes” “Right”

Later in the day at camp, Gabbie gets a phone call from Shannon. He gets the voice mail cuz she had to turn it off. “Hey baby it’s me. I wont be here when you get back. Wont tell you why. I’ll see you later. Luv you!” Gabbie listens to it later, he doesn’t sound happy. “What happened?” she thinks in horror. “Is this what he wanted to talk about? When later?!” All the way back to the hotel, Gabbie’s heart is sinking with every mile. “What’s happing?!”

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