*The Kill*….pt37

Hugs and kisses to Dee, Hannah and Jessica!

Jared picks up, it’s Shannon, of course. “So you two being good?” “Shut up” “Oh, I see, well I just wanted to tell you that you still have some more editing to do Mr. So when your done with Miss Jessica, you should get this done” “Ok thanks a lot” “Yep! Bye bye!” “Whatever” Jared hangs up. “Is everything ok?” asks Jessica. “Yeah it was Shannon being a pain, again” “Oh, ha nothing new” “Haha yep. Well I think it’s getting late now, so we better get to bed” “Yeah ok” They get up and head to bed. When they get to Jessica’s room, Jared asks, “Um, do you want to kiss goodnight?” “Sure” They kiss, and Jessica goes in her room. Jared goes to his room, and Shannon’s up.

“What happened?!” he asks jumping up and down the minute Jared gets in. “Oh jeez” he thinks, sighing and smiling.

The next morning Jessica goes down to coffee. Gabbie’s already there. “Hey Jess have fun last night?” “Yeah I was nice” “Nice?” “Yeah. Well what else can I say?We talked, and it was nice” Gabbie smiles and says, “Good, want some coffee?” “ Yes please” “What, long night?J” comes in Hannah, with a evil smile on her face. “Not really I just want coffee” reply’s Jessica sticking out her tongue at her. Then Dee and Frank come in. “Are you still mad at me?” Frank asks sitting down. “No, I never was” “Then why did you push me up the stairs last night and called me dumbass?” “Because you were a dumbass last night hunny” “Oh” “Mind if we ask why you were so mean to Frank last night?” asks Gabbie to Dee. “We were down here last night cuz he wanted to snack. I wanted Jessica and Jared to be alone so I told him to hurry up. They come down, and he wanted to have a chat with them, in their date!” “Well you should have told me they were, I wouldn’t even have came down if I knew!” “Well you should have seen that they were when it was just them, alone!” “Sorry but I didn’t know! Shot me!” “Sometimes my love I wish I can” “That’s mean” “Yes it is, now give me a kiss” He laughs and goes over to Dee and kisses her. “So you guys all better?” asks Hannah. “Yeah we’re ok” Then Frank says to Jessica, “I’m sorry Jess if I messed up anything” “That’s ok, you didn’t mess up anything” “That’s good” Just then Jared, Shannon and Tomo come in. “Hey guys!” says Tomo to everyone, walking over to Hannah and then giving her a kiss. Jared goes over to Jessica and asks, “You ok?” “Yeah I fine! You?” “Never been better” “I bet” says Shannon, raping his arms around Gabbie. “Shut it!” says Jared. “What?” Jared just shakes his head and turns to Jessica. “What do you want to do today?” “Oh I don’t know, whatever you want” “Hey, want to see how a video is edited?” “Ok sure!” “That sounds like fun” says Shannon to Gabbie. “I think it’s pretty cool” “Well of course you do, your also weird” “Thanks, so are you” He laughs and then says, “Hey um, can I talk to you, alone?” “Sure but not right now, I have to go to camp soon” “Oh yeah, I think I hear Wil calling you now” “Oh crap! Gotta go! Well talk later, when I get back, alone. Ok?” “Yep. See ya!” “Bye!” She gives him a fast kiss and runs off.

On the bus, Gabbie begins to worry about what their going to talk about. By the look on Shannon’s face when he asked if they could talk alone, this doesn’t look like a talk about whatever talk. It looks like he has something on his mind, and it has to do with her and him, as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Ok, just want to let you guys know that pt38 wont be posted on monday cuz it’s xmass eve cuz it’s always a cazy time for me. But, I will do double posts on wednesday, pt38 and pt39, so you guys wont beat me up, lol!

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