Spice Girls responsible for sluts, binge drinking?

Today in WTF: Fay Weldon of The Daily Mail goes on a long rant about how the Spice clan are responsible for the decline of our culture.

Forgive me for being blunt, but if a generation of our young womanhood has taken to binge drinking, Saturday night sluttishness and “happy-slappings”, I blame the Spice Girls.

Think back to those brilliant, suggestive, addictive pop songs of ten years back, when they swept across the nation’s playgrounds: “Well it’s a Saturday night, You know the feeling is right, Don’t you know we’ll get so high.”

Yeah! Grope, vomit, whoops: aren’t we having fun?

Brilliant?! Look, I love me some Spice songs, but I have never heard anyone refer to them as ‘Brilliant’. Suggestive? Are you kidding me? They have some of the most generic non-sensical lyrics ever. (Zig-a-zig-ah? Is THAT suggestive?) Addictive? Well, I’ll give you that.

Oh and she goes on. And on, and on, and onnnn. Includes some bits about sexual diseases and cotton mills.

It all seemed so empowering at the time: the idea that girls should take charge of their own sexuality. But did anyone stop to think what would happen next? What it did of course was to separate love from sex. The Spice Girls killed romance.

I don’t want at all to be forgiven for being blunt– WHAT is Weldon SMOKING?

So I’m embarrassed for the feminists, clinging on to the dream of a proud, equal, serious society, where justice ruled and lasses didn’t throw away their hard-won equality in the pubs and clubs, puking up their resentments on the shoes of paramedics trying to help them out of the gutter. Those little girls who first listened to the Spice Girls ten years ago are the ones who are now running up vast credit card bills on designer shopping they can’t afford.

Reading this kind of makes me want to punch someone in the kneecaps, but the sickening sum of it is that she’s giving the Spice Girls TOO much credit, and apparently giving NONE to the little girls of yesterday.