two more days of aspen, and then im back home in los angeles. i tried snowboarding two days ago and ended up twisting my ankle. so now i have to wear an ankle brace and i can barely do anything.. i want to go ice skating, even if my ankle is sprained.. haha! yesterday i learned how to knit. im knitting this grey and black scarf and im going to put a felt panda face on one end.. hopefully it turns out alright.. haha. last night me and a few friends went to the caribu club and the sky bar. it was fun. i love all the old women in aspen trying to get with the young guys.. priceless!! tomorrow is christmas! cant wait to open presents and have a big family breakfast. i have been eatting really healthy lately.. soups, salads, egg whites and fish.. trying to stay away from fried foods. once im back in LA its back to hiking four times a week.

so its christmas eve today.. whats everyone doing? i think im just going to finish my scarf and maybe going back to the caribu tonight.. hmm..