Fergie: Woman of the Year?

Spelling bee champ Fergie Ferg is Blender‘s Jan/Feb ’08 cover girl, proudly toting their “Woman of the Year” title.

I don’t read a TON of interviews, but this is the second one I’ve read this year that made me really like the person being interviewed– the first being Nicole Richie‘s Nylon Mag interview.
When she sings ‘A girl like me don’t stay single for long’ and gloats that men ‘get their pleasures from my photo,’ it can seem like she’s full of herself. To her, it’s a comedic role. ‘You know, I’m not really feeling myself all THAT much,’ she says, laughing. ‘Those songs are about my persona, the larger-than-life Fergalicious. It’s part of me, but expanded.”

I guess what I admire about her is she’s not super defensive, or worried about what people think. Sometimes she has her sh*t together, sometimes she doesn’t. She just puts herself out there and has fun. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously all the time. I won’t argue her outta that title.

Read the rest of her interview in Blender Magazine!

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