still in bed, in a new york hotel room, watching sponge bob. leaving for the airport in about an hour.. i feel sick from lack of sleep.. i didnt get to bed last night until 3 or 4.. home in los angeles for 5 days.. busy busy busy.. tomorrow im shipping out a ton of totes and having a dinner meeting with jon miller (the winestein company). saturday, sarah and i are going to the avalon (she wants revenge). monday im shooting with maendi, its going to be a forties theme shoot. should be a good shoot. tuesday i leave for boulder, co and meet up with my boy for a few days.. cant wait.. new york visit wasnt long enough..

i had a lot of fun in new york. did some shopping. got a new marc jacobs jacket.. love it. went to koi in new york and ate a ton of sushi and moshi ice cream.. wanted to go ice skating in central park, but it was too cold.. watched a ton of movies in bed.. land of women, once and lucky you.. haha. found the best pizza place across the street from the hotel. got to see my grandma. etc etc

i hate airports. its always such a production.

key lime pie or pumpkin pie?

any fun thanksgiving plans?

whats your favorite food on thanksgiving? my fav is the stuffing! haha.


p.s. go pick up the new AP magazine. my skelanimal ad with niki is in it.