In this journal I’m going to address the concept and the act of sex. There are words that might embarrass you to read. There are things that might make you a little uncomfortable. And that’s perfectly fine, but there’s something I need to say:

People have sex.

People have sex EVERY FUCKING DAY. Men and women, men and men, women and women. Sometimes in groups, sometimes two by two. Sometimes it’s a quick fuck before breakfast, sometimes it’s long, slow lovemaking on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes it’s for procreation, sometimes it’s to pledge your love to each other, sometimes it’s just for fun.

People have sex with their husbands and wives. With their boyfriends and girlfriends. With their best friends forever and with that random guy they met at the bar earlier that evening. People have sex with protection, to keep each other and themselves safe. People have sex without protection, and that can lead to trouble if you aren’t ready for it. Sometimes, even if you are ready for it.

Sex can feel very, very good. Orgasms can leave you shaking, sweaty and dazed. They are one of those simple-yet-amazingly complex beauties in life. They’re wet and/or gooey, sometimes messy, sometimes short, and women can have several of them in a row. You can make YOURSELF orgasm, actually, whether you’re a boy or a girl. I highly recommend it for both genders, and I also recommend you not be ashamed when you do it, however you do it (hands, frottage, vibrators, dildos, etc.).

Sex doesn’t mean “penetration.” Sex isn’t just penis in vagina. There’s oral, anal, titty-fucking, hand jobs, fingering, and more. There’s a lot of ways to twist and turn and angle.

The point is SEX HAPPENS. Your teachers, your coworkers, guys and girls in the bands you like, maybe even some of your friends have had sex. Your PARENTS have probably had sex at some point. The girl writing this blog has had sex.

Are we all on the same page, now?