Faye vrs. Tank Girl was a blow out (25%|75%). Faye severly underestimated how little good her sex appeal would have against Rebecca and her own big guns. Though Faye was smart enough to save most of her ammo until Rebecca’s tank had blown it’s load. Though in the end, Tank Girl sacrificed her hidden cache of beer to take Faye down and out.

Tifa vrs. Buffy was also a takedown (34%|66%). Both girls traded blows back and forth, slamming each other up against the arena walls. Buffy finally managed to distract Tifa by crying out “Hey! Is that a red-haired Ancient who was macking on your boyfriend?” A few hard blows later, Tifa was down and Buffy was triumphant.

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Sarah Connor vrs. Ellen Ripley


Claire Bennet vrs. Robin Sena