Patrick producing for Lupe

Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco is dropping an album called The Cool on 12/18. In this interview with EW, he talks about it. Like you care, right? Well your boy Patrick produced one of the songs, so you MIGHT. Check it:
Another new song, ”Little Weapon,” was produced by Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. What was it like working with him? He called me, like, ”I want to do a record for The Cool.” And I was telling people, ”This album’s dark, so the music needs to be dark but futuristic.” So he sent the beat for ”Little Weapon.” And I had a set list of things that I wanted to address on this album: I wanted to address the climate, which I didn’t really do, and I wanted to address child soldiers. I actually met these guys that run this organization called Invisible Children backstage at a Fall Out Boy show, and I did ”Little Weapon” as an ode to that [issue]. My partner Bishop G is on there taking the last verse. And the twist in the story is the little kid playing the video game — is he any different from the child soldier actually killing people? Because death is death, whether it’s digital death or real death.