Oh noez, we’re not PUNK

Kay, I don’t know in what context or WHY this came about, but a little gem from heavymetalmusic.biz:

Slipknot fans and album fans are way more punk than My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy are

Let’s face it. It is commonly known punk and metal became popular because the fan bases of all those bands were social outcasts or misfits that were attracted to the music or culture. Looking back when those genres started, fans were genuine and believed in the lifestyle. Today with trendier bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, their fans are social robots who are not attracted to the subculture of the underground. They are only mindlessly attracted to these bands since Hot Topic sells their clothes and their local radio station play the stuff. Ugh! Slipknot is rarely played on the radio. Their fan base seems to be the laughing stock of society thus they become the true misfits of the current subculture based on their attitude and how they dress. Thus today’s true punk are fans of bands like Slipknot. Maybe even your goth enemy.

My response:
  • Trendy does NOT automatically = bad.
  • Music is music. No one needs to get fiesty over not living a certain lifestyle
  • I’m really not upset about not being a “true punk” or a “misfit”
  • I really don’t know how to respond to the “social robot” comment, but once, I DID buy a robot NECKLACE at HOT TOPIC. The horror!

And now, responses from some notable figures*: