Amazon’s Desperate Attempts at Human Contact: Update

Ran into the lip-ring guy on the bus again this morning. Feeling kind of badass in my black heeled boots (into which I have inserted insoles from an old pair of Vans sneakers that died this past summer, so now my feet aren’t killing me with every step I take) I got up the guts to snap two (bad) pictures of him with my cell phone, as well as to say something to him before I got off the bus.

With a smile I said “I like your lip ring,” pointing to my own lip to indicate to him what I was saying.

He replied by looking surprised, smiling, and thanking me.

Not the GREATEST social interaction in the history of man, but hey, it’s a start, right?

And if lip-ring guy, or one of his friends, is reading this? HI!


Because they were demanded, and I’m apparently a fucking STALKER:

They are bad pictures, as you were warned.

Also, I couldn’t get the side of his face with the lip-ring. That’ll have to wait for another day, apparently. Or not. God I’m fucking creepy.