5 Women in the Media I’m Thankful For

Sometimes, the media can be such a male dominated industry it’s hard for a girl to feel like she has a place. But luckily, there are the women in the media who stand up and make themselves heard. Here are five of them:

5) Tina Fey

The first female head writer of Saturday Night Live, as well as a powerfully intelligent on screen presence, Tina Fey is smart, funny and sexy. She was also responsible for the movie “Mean Girls,” a definitive and truthful teen comedy.

4) Pink

Originally marketed as “the pop alternative to Britney and Christina,” Pink has since forged her own identity as a powerful pop icon. Her latest album “I’m Not Dead” included condemnations of the “Stupid Girls” in society as well as an open letter to George W. Bush about his practices and policies that she refused to release as a single because she didn’t want the message to be lost.

3) Lynda Carter

The original Wonder Woman has not only aged gracefully, she’s over come eating disorders and the Hollywood mindset. Also, kudos to her for speaking out and saying that the new Wonder Woman should not be a waifish starlet, but an undiscovered who can look and act the part.

2) Gina Torres

Known for “tough girl” roles such as Zoe in Firefly and Serenity, and one of three futuristic ass kickers in the amazingly campy Cleopatra 2525, Torres is statuesque, tough and yet always manages to be feminine as well.

1) Madonna

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Madonna’s impact on the way people look at women in the media. From the very beginning she pushed the limits of what was acceptable for a woman to say or think about her sexuality. She and her music explored the taboos of expressing yourself, of being comfortable with the person you are, and the idea of personal change and growth. Now, if we could just convince her she’s not British…

Like it? Hate it? Want to give me flack for Madonna being at the top of my list? Think you can do better? Let me know in your comments!