Warner Brothers No Longer Doing Movies with Women in the Lead

So how many of you have seen a bad movie lately? Something that you honestly just thought sucked. No need to blame the writers or the directors or the way the movie was merchandised, nope. Not at all. Warner Brothers has the answer: you probably hated it because there was a female in the leading role.

Not to worry, though. Jeff Robinov has declared that Warner Brothers will no longer be doing movies with a female lead.

Can I stand here and ask WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS?

Look, the shittiness of a movie in no way depends on the gender of the leading character, no matter what the gender is. A movie is not going to fail or succeed depending on whether it’s a male or a female taking charge and saving the day. The Bourne trilogy had a male lead, the Resident Evil trilogy focused on strong female leads, and both have performed well enough to actually BE trilogies. On the flip side, Catwoman and Slither (starring Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame) both failed pretty hard.

Movies might not do well based on the strength of the actor or actress in the lead, but that doesn’t have shit to do with what sort of plumbing that person has. It has to do with acting skill and appropriateness for the role. The success and failure of a movie also depends on the cinematography, the script, the editing, the marketing and the time of release. Also, please note that neither of the movies being cited in the above article (Jodie Foster’s The Brave One and Nicole Kidman’s Invasion) have been released on DVD as of yet. In a market increasingly dependent on DVD sales and rentals this isn’t something you can discount easily. Also, consider that both of these films were heavily hyped, possibly OVER hyped, and that can kill a film just as much as not marketing it at all.

But no, of course, it’s very easy to point a finger and scream it’s got everything to do with gender and nothing to do with a failure of the film industry to connect with its current audience. Here’s an idea: if you want people to go see your movies MAKE BETTER MOVIES. Hell, if you need script ideas I’ve got about three million of them.

Oh, wait, sorry. Most of them have female leads. Nevermind, you wouldn’t want them.