All Hail the Scorpios!

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and associated with intensity, fruitfulness, sexuality, passion, power, leadership, tenacity, and death.

The individuals born under this sign are thought to be loyal, strong-willed, complex, capable of genius, thoughtful, supportive, protective, generous, intense, humble, quiet, brave, and emotional. Scorpios can also be jealous, stuborn, demanding, grudge-holders, obsessive (especially with sex), secretive, possessive, angry, suspicious, hedonism, and unreliable. Also, Scorpios tend to be suicidal and for good reason.

Scorpios usually can’t stand surprises, lying/deceit, apathy, being analysed/questioned, being ‘understood’, excessive compliments, insincerity, embarrassment and passivity.

The Scorpio ego can also be the most resilient in the zodiac. You can neither insult nor compliment them to ill or great effect, as Scorpios know thier strengths and weaknesses. You may not be able to insult them, but you can easily break their heart once it has been given.

The are often called the loners of the zodiac. In fact, they hate being alone, and this misinterpretation of their desire to protect themselves as aloofness is the most heartbreaking part of being a Scorpio.